Cathie Crawford - Artist / Relief Printmaker

About Monoprints

What is a Monoprint?


A monoprint is a one of a kind unique image (no edition) printed from a printing matrix (in my case a block of wood).  Not to be confused with monotypes which have no printing matrix.


Taking a break from figurative color reduction woodcut editions, I have been making non-objective monoprints for the past three years. This new direction is the converging of line, shape, color and texture in an ambiguous space.  The Pluvious series of six monoprints were printed from a single piece of wood in many stages.  The Dayenu and Lisière monoprints were printed from multiple blocks.  Dayenu is the Hebrew word for “it would have been enough”.  Dianoia II is a collage of two monoprints.  The Dianoia series of three also was printed from multiple blocks and evolved from a Hebrew word. 

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